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Does Maca really makes your butt bigger?

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Hi soonenough, yes I've heard maca increase all curves including the butt, but as long as you exercise with it, it won't be like a disgusting fatty butt, it will be a nice plump juicy but toned one. I'm white but I have always had a "black girl" butt lol. I have the big round juicy but toned butt, it doesn't go away. Embrace it, all males love a nice healthy butt ;) trust me, I've dated the rainbow lol ALL of them do. Some may claim they prefer flat ones, but that's why they stare at the round ones haha. Also your hip measurement is not a good way to measure the butt, to measure your butt put the tape around you like you would for your hip measurement, except put it at the most full part of your butt, kind of like you would do for your breasts. My measurements right now are 37" hips and 39" butt, 36 1/2" bust and last I checked 27" waist. So I'm almost hourglass lol just got to get the boobies to 37 ;)

And yea, I have to agree with Anna, maca is wonderful to have in your daily supplements as it also, from what I researched, can prevent many of the cancers that threaten females, such as breast and uterus cancer. I use to take a low dosage daily and think I'm going to start it up again.

lovelyoneanna, thanks so much for the tip. Tried the same day, but my goodness, I can't even lift up my torso to do this. So starting from just doing one. Pathetic. Husband said I'm physically fit but dismally weak.

Anastasia, my NBE hero. I read your posts from breast nexus and then here at NB. You are the reason why I bought NB. Thanks for responding.  I'm so used to my 36" hips, that even though I'm tempted to see how far my butt can stick out, I'm kind of scared too. The most my hips expanded was to 36.5" even when I was at my heaviest pregnant with my kids (4). With maca, I upped my dose again to 3 x 500 mg, but started my exercise routine (kind of), emphasizing butt exercises. It seems to help with leaking at times (like when jumping rope), and it can be my imagination, but my control is even better, he he he (better than kegel). So maybe, there is something about this butt muscles getting stronger, rounder, and sticking out.

oh... I wanted to read more about Maca, but now that I read that it makes butt bigger? really? I am a white girl also with "black girls ass" (however my small boobs balance it out lol) and I love my ass, but I dont want it to get huge and all fatty... I mean I dont really train, does it affect the butt growth a lot?

Hi soonenough: I always have small butt and I would love to make it bigger. But does Maca mess up your period much? I don't do exercise (except for walking to the university, actually), but I'm very thin and keeping some more fat will be great. Which brand of maca pills are you using?

OptimisticGirl- no, the maca did not mess up my period. I've always been blessed with regular periods, and taking the maca did not change that part. I'm taking the brand NOW maca. My butt too is not big either, I'm Asian, but I don't know what happened. I just start taking Maca and increased to 4 x 500 mg, and then doing the Bulgarian squats exercise from for about 4 times, and my hips increased by 1/2". It's not much but I noticed that when I wear my jeans for two days, it usually stretches out and the butt part becomes baggy. Now, the butt fits firmly. Pants still fits but the butt sticks out lightly now. I like it. It's also like that with my twill pants.


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