Breast Cups

We offer a great selection of high quality breast cups made from clear polycarbonate plastic and these are available in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large.  The tapered nozzles fit most tubing types and the rims are rounded and smooth for improved comfort and fit.  These breast cups are designed for use with our breast enlargement systems and are a natural way to increase your breast size*.  

 In addition to the regular breast cups, we also have nipple cups for enlarging the nipple area or correcting inverted nipples, as well as airlock breast cups that have the added convenience of allowing you to release the pump from the breast cups whilst maintaining the vacuum.  Why not wear your breast cups around the house without the pump attached?  

Noogleberry breast enlargement systems work by using gentle pressure to stimulate breast growth through tissue expansion.  You simply place the breast cup over your breast and press the hand pump until you feel pressure.  After use, you will see an instant temporary size boost caused by swelling.  This will go down after a couple of hours.  After a few weeks of use, your breasts will start to grow new tissue and the growth will eventually become permanent. 

Breast cups are part of a natural enlargement system that can be used in the comfort of your own home for around 30 minutes to an hour per day.  Natural breast enlargement means that you do not need to take pills that may result in unwanted side effects and there is no need for risky and/or painful cosmetic surgery that costs thousands of pounds.

Noogleberry breast cups are available for purchase both individually and in pairs.  If you are unsure about which size cups you require, please refer to our ‘cup sizing guide’ by clicking on the button above.

*All results may vary depending on the individual user