Medium Airlock System

The Noogleberry medium airlock breast system is ideal for those who wish to be more mobile while using their breast enlargement pump.  The airlocks mean that the hand pump can be disconnected while the cups remain in situ and no loss of vacuum is experienced.  Now you can continue your daily routine while your breasts are being enlarged. 
The medium airlock breast system is a convenient and natural way to increase your breast size.  Many women want to have larger breasts but do not want, or cannot afford, to undergo cosmetic surgery.  The option to have your breasts surgically enhanced is a big commitment, which comes with possible complications, such as losing sensitivity in the nipple area.  Other women are tempted to take pills that claim breast enlargement properties, but these often come with side effects.  Using breast enlargement pumps comes with no unwanted side effects and is perfectly safe. 
Our medium airlock breast system is designed for people with a chest size of over 32 inches and a breast cup size of A to B.  The pump is simple to use; simply place the cups over the breasts and pump until the desired pressure is achieved.  To release the hand pump, depress the quick release button, which prevents the air from leaving the cup through the non-return valve.  The system includes our popular Noogleberry hand pump, soft silicon tubing and tee piece kit, two medium airlock breast cups, a discreet carry case and full instructions.  
When you purchase a breast enlargement system from Noogleberry you can be assured of receiving a quality product, which comes with a one year warranty and full after sales support.  If you wish, you can join our users forum where you can share tales, support and advice from other users.  

In addition to the medium airlock breast system itself, we also have a range of accessories available, including silicone nipple covers to protect the nipples from enlarging when using the breast enlargement system, and Bio-Oil, which can be used to reduce stretch marks and protect your delicate skin before and after using the enlargement system.  

Our medium airlock system is available at a very reasonable price. Take a look at the products listed below for more details.