Don't take our word for it! Here's what some of our customers have to say!


"I had used NB for about 8 months in a row (last Oct) then I took a break. Since then I only maintain my size by topping them up for like twice or three times a week , half an hour each time. I started with A size , now wearing 32C bra. Nice cleavage, full on top. After pumping with swelling I am like D cup but after 24 hours I come back at about C. However, I am happy with my result so far. And I know that if I keep pumping everyday I could be able to reach D cup after swelling."


"I have had my NB for about 1 year now. Fantastic. I was a 34b before I started, but have now gone up to a 34d. I only use mine about once or twice a week. unless I have a special occasion and want more 'omph' and then I would use it daily for approx 30 Min's. I love mine."


"I used to be a die-hard Brava user. It was expensive, time consuming and very hard to find parts. Then I gave Bosom Beauty a try. Very painful and a little pricey - still not as bad as Brava. It left my breasts very dark and with hickey marks. I have noticed results with Noogleberry faster than the other methods and for a very small fraction of the price and time. Not only did you sell the product but you are there for support, and are not beyond researching our questions if you don't know the answer." 


"Been using NG since about May/June last year. From zero to now 40B, still use it most days. the longest time I went without using it was three days and experienced only a very little loss, and those nipple enlargers have been a fantastic success in the short time that I have used them. Not bad for a transgender person who hasn't yet started any hormone therapy."


"I think there has been progress already?!!! I was 80cm around bust today im 82cm!!! WOW. Only had the noogleberry 2 days and been taken herbal pills for 3 days now i think. I have been pumping 3 times a day 15mins each time I'm amazed at these measurements. I have been taken photos, I compared the 3 days later to the before photos and i thought i could see a change but thought it was the light or angle. But the tape measure seems to say there is a difference!!! Whoopy!! I'm gonna keep pumping!!! I cant wait till they stay big."


"I've used the system for the third time and the difference from the first time is that this morning I've filled the tops!!! My normal measure is 82 cm and after I get to 86cm. It's faboulous to see how boobies get rounder and bigger!!! However they seem to respond very well because even If I use more suction, I get only 3 or 4 red dots, and maybe this is because I use a very hydrating breast cream. I've tried on some bras that I didn't fill well and with that swelling I look like a model:) I'm keeping track of all my measurement, measuring before and after every single pumping session. This last session I've pumped for 30 min. Hope to reach a c cup!!!"


"I've used Brava and Bosom Beauty for 3 cycles each and although the initial swelling was significantly more than the NB, the NB swelling and plumpness seems to last a lot longer! When I use it consistently (2-3 times per day) there is still noticable swelling the next day. I'm not sure what the science is behind this but I know what I see in the mirror and on the measuring tape. I enjoy the boost to completely fill out my bras. My 34B bras still have a little room so it's nice to have a little extra size."