Noogleberry Buttock Enhancer

Based on the principle of “Tension Induced Tissue Growth” this system uses a specially “butt-contoured” vacuum cup and a hand pump to simply and effectively enlarge your butt-cheeks.


What’s included with the kit?

  • A very effective, durable pump constructed of hard high quality plastic, with a vacuum release valve, which allows you to control the amount of vacuum required.
  • Two High Quality Medium Sized Buttock cups made of poly-carbonate. The cups are shaped to fit the profile of the buttock and come in two sizes 
  • High quality, silicone tubing.
  • Each cup is fitted with an high quality airlock so that once the buttock is pumped up, you can remove the tubing and hand pump to leave the cup in place.
  • A neat, discrete travel bag to contain the system.
  • Clear written instructions for using the system.

Please note: the system comes with 2 Medium Sized Buttock Cups, if you require the Large Cups, please select the Large Buttock Cup Size

Medium Buttock Cups: 11.5 x 13.5 cm and 10 cm in depth

Large Buttock Cups: 17 x 19 cm and 12 cm in depth