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Buttock Enhancer

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Original price
£53.99 - £63.99
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Safety Notice

Please refer to our safety notice

Our Buttock Enhancement System offers a non-surgical method of increasing the size of the buttocks and firming up the tissue and helping to smooth out cellulite. The system creates a vacuum which increaes fluid/blood to the tissues and when used regularly, over time will result in a firmer, larger buttock.

What's Included

  • A very effective, durable pump constructed of hard high quality plastic, with a vacuum release valve
  • Two High Quality Butt cups made of poly-carbonate with built on Airlocks
  • 2 40cm Lengths of silicone tubing.
  • A neat, discrete travel bag to contain the system.
  • Clear written instructions for using the system.

Cup Sizes

Standard Buttock Cups: 11.5 x 13.5 cm and 10 cm in depth

Large Buttock Cups: 17 x 19 cm and 12 cm in depth