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Large Airlock System

Our new airlock breast systems make enhancing your breasts even more convenient.  It’s recommended that Noogleberry breast enlargement pumps are used for 15 to 30 minutes per day.  With the large airlock breast system you can disconnect the pumps and tubing, allowing you to get on with your day, without having to worry about losing the pressure in the cups.  You can easily build using the breast pump into your day, wearing it whilst eating breakfast, preparing dinner, or completing chores.

Each cup is built with an in-line connector, which features a built-in non-return valve.  This valve means that once the quick release button is pressed, air is prevented from escaping from the cups, until such time as the tubes are reconnected, or the button is pressed once again.  The large airlock breast system is devised for those with a chest size of 34 - 36 inches and a breast cup size of B to C.  The system includes the Noogleberry hand pump, silicone tubing and tee piece connector kit, two large airlock breast cups, full instructions and a discreet carry case to keep everything together.  The case looks just like a wash bag so is great for travel.

The large airlock breast system is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery and pills, which can have undesired side effects and risks.  Breast enlargement pumps work by encouraging blood flow into the area.  The airlock breast cups are placed over the breasts before pumping the hand pump to create a vacuum.  This pressure causes blood to flow into the breast, which will expand into the cup.  To make use of the airlock, you can simply press the quick release button, which closes a non-return valve, preventing air from escaping and allowing you to disconnecting the tubing and pump.  To begin with you are likely to experience swelling, but over time the swelling will be replaced by tissue growth.  Many happy breast pump users have reported firmer and fuller breasts.  Noogleberry breast pumps are built to last out of high quality materials.  

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