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Clitoral Pumps/Cups

The Noogleberry Clitoris Pump Enlargement System consists of:

  • A very durable, hard plastic pump.
  • Soft silicone tubing, which connects the pump to the cup. The tubing is high-quality, and anti-kink.
  • One high-quality plastic clitoris cup with one removable rubber insert.  
  • A discreet carry case.
  • Instructions.
  • 1 Year warranty to cover the replacement of any faulty parts.

Why It Works

Much like any tissue in the body, when the clitoral muscle is exercised and the blood flow circulation is increased, it will enlarge. This clitoral vacuum system uses this principle on the clitoris. This system can also be used to arouse the nipple area and even potentially help correct inverted nipples*.

How it Works

The clitoris cup is placed over the clitoral area, and the pump is gently pressed. This creates a vacuum, which causes the circulation of blood flow to increase, therefore causing the clitoris area to expand right before your eyes.

Fully Compatible

Please note that this system is fully compatible with our breast enlargement system and our range of breast cups, which feature different sizes to suit all body types. If you are interested in purchasing breast enlargement cups to compliment your clitoral pump system, and increase the firmness and size of your breasts, please see our breast cups systems for details of sizes and prices.

*All results may vary depending on the individual user


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