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How breast enlargement products work

How breast enlargement products work

Have you always dreamt of having bigger breasts? Dream no longer, as our popular and high-quality Noogleberry breast enlargement systems can help to give you a noticeable bust enhancement without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

How does this work?

Our non-surgical breast enlargement pumps work on the simple basis of blood flow: when body tissue has a steady blood flow exercised both around and to it, the tissue will gradually grow bigger. Therefore, using the enlargement system for around 15 - 30 minutes a day will produce noticeably fuller and firmer breasts.

How to use the Noogleberry system

Place a cup over one breast, and gently press the pump. You will see that this creates a sort of vacuum, causing blood to flow into the breast where it will rapidly increase. Repeat with the other breast. Although initial swelling will occur within the first few weeks, it is eventually replaced by actual growth and enlargement. Please also note that you can use the system as just a single breast system, to enhance each breast individually. Our systems come in a variety of different cup sizes. We currently cater from sizes 26A all the way up to 44DD. You can see which size you require from our ‘Cup Sizes’ section. Our system comes with a one year guarantee, and you can purchase additional pairs of cups separately here.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Our delighted customers are testament that our popular Noogleberry systems not only work, but work to a superior standard. They are recognised to provide more effective results than other systems that claim to offer similar results. Here are just some of the things that our customers have said about our breast enlargement systems: "I have had my NB for about 1 year now. Fantastic. I was a 34b before I started, but have now gone up to a 34d. I only use mine about once or twice a week. unless I have a special occasion and want more 'omph' and then I would use it daily for approx 30 Min's. I love mine." "I had used NB for about 8 months in a row (last Oct) then I took a break. Since then I only maintain my size by topping them up for like twice or three times a week , half an hour each time. I started with A size , now wearing 32C bra. Nice cleavage, full on top. After pumping with swelling I am like D cup but after 24 hours I come back at about C. However, I am happy with my result so far. And I know that if I keep pumping everyday I could be able to reach D cup after swelling." "Been using NG since about May/June last year. From zero to now 40B, still use it most days. the longest time I went without using it was three days and experienced only a very little loss, and those nipple enlargers have been a fantastic success in the short time that I have used them. Not bad for a transgender person who hasn't yet started any hormone therapy." You can see our full range of breast enlargement systems here, and if you have any questions about them, we welcome you to direct your questions to
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