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Why Buy From Noogleberry? With free UK delivery, and a company managed by experienced, caring people, choose Noogleberry for natural breast and penis enlargement systems.
Why Buy From Noogleberry? With free UK delivery, and a company managed by experienced, caring people, choose Noogleberry for natural breast and penis enlargement systems.

How Natural Breast Enhancement Works

Do Breast Enlargement Pumps Work? & Other Questions

If you’re unsatisfied with your breast size, you’re not alone. Over 70% of women feel the same way. But not everyone wants to undergo breast enlargement surgery — and that’s where we come in.

We’re all for body positivity here! And, whether you like it how it is or want to make changes, we can help. 

So you want to buy one of Noogleberry’s Breast Enlargement Pumps but you’re unsure about it? 

If you’re just starting out with us, you may be wondering, ‘Do breast enlargement pumps really work?’ and ‘Are breast enlargement pumps safe?’, among other things. To put your mind at ease, we’ve created this FAQ-style page to act as a one-stop shop for all your breast pump queries and reservations. 

First of all, let’s address the question everyone is dying to know the answer to:

Do breast enlargement pumps really work? 

In short, yes. Breast enlargement pumps really do work. However, with every natural tissue enlargement product, the results depend entirely on your use of the product.

If you’re looking for an overnight transformation, then surgery is your best bet. However, surgery is costly, painful, and the recovery time is lengthy. Our pumps, on the other hand, are a natural alternative that augments breast size over extended periods of time and allows you to enlarge your breasts at home.

Right from the first prototype of a breast pump, clinical research and studies have shown positive results over time with sustained use. In fact, a clinical trial of the Brava Tissue Expander (a suction cup product similar to ours) had a 75% satisfaction rate - with those who did not find satisfaction having failed to use the product properly for the entire time.

The key thing to take away is this: consistency is key. “Continued safe use should produce small growth gains with time. Most patients can get between 1/2 to 1 cup size maximum increase in breast size,” says plastic surgeon, Dr Manish Shah.

You can read more about the success of using breast enlargement pumps here

What do breast enlargement pumps do?

To put it simply, breast enlargement pumps gradually increase the size of your breasts by enhancing tissue growth.

Read what some of our happy customers have to say about their breast enlargement experiences on our Before & After page


Which pump do you need?

Here at Noogleberry, we understand that everyone has different preferences, bodies, and goals. That’s why we offer three different breast enlargement pump systems to fit different breast types. 

You can choose from the Standard System, the Airlock System, or the Airlock Contoured System. With every system comes a Noogleberry hand pump, a pair of breast cups, a Y-connector kit, an instruction leaflet, and a carry case to keep it all safe in. 

Depending on what size your breasts are, and what fit you require, you can choose between the different systems. 

You can work out exactly what cup size you’ll need by using our sizing charts below: 

Cup Size

Inner Cup Diameter

Outer Cup Diameter










Extra Large



Extra Extra Large





Chest Size

Bra Cup Size










Extra Large



Extra Extra Large

38 +

D +


How do breast enlargement pumps work?

Essentially, breast enlargement pumps operate via a vacuum-like suction cup system. When placing one of our cups over the breast area (and pressing the pump function) a vacuum is created.

The vacuum causes a slight increase in blood flow to the breast area, helping it to expand. As with any tissue in the body, if exercised and exposed to a higher blood flow rate, you can expect to see tissue growth.

The actual swelling sensation that the pumps bring about is caused by traction in the breast tissue. This then promotes gradual growth in the mammary glands while also creating a balance in your hormones that maintain the breast’s firmness. 


How to use your breast enlargement pump

First of all, you might like to add nipple covers to your nipples before beginning the procedure as these prevent the nipple swelling and enlarging while the breast does. 

Also, you can choose from a variety of breast creams and oils to firm, moisturise, and tone the delicate skin around your breasts, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It may also feel better to lubricate the area undergoing suction. 

Since the use of our products varies between each breast enlargement system, the directions for use are included within each specific kit.

Generally speaking, with the Standard Breast System, however, you will need to sit comfortably, place the nipple covers on (if required), then place the breast cups on, connect the hand pump and you’re ready to start enlarging.

However, if you purchase the Airlock Breast System, you are able to move freely, using the airlock to disconnect the hand pump while your cups remain in situ. 

For more information, about the use of our systems, get in touch with our friendly team.


Using your pumps alongside other treatments 

Our products can be used alongside other treatments if precaution is taken. 

In fact, some doctors have been recommending breast enlargement systems as a supplement to enhance the effects of procedures such as fat transfer breast augmentation. Professionals such as leading plastic surgeon, Dr Elliot Hirsh, argue that breast enlargement pump systems help make “the breast more receptive to fat grafting, so a higher percentage of grafted fat can theoretically survive”. 

Just to be on the safe side, however, it would be wise to consult with your GP before you use our systems if you are currently receiving alternative treatment.


What precautions should you take before using your breast enlargement pump?

While the breast enlargement pump method is a non-invasive and safe process, some precautions should be taken. 

It is recommended that you do not use our breast enlargement systems if you:

a) are pregnant
b) are currently breastfeeding
c) have a medical history of blood clotting issues 
d) have breast implants.

    If you do have breast implants, a history of breast cysts, blood clotting problems, or nerve damage, the breast enlargement system is not suitable for use and could be dangerous.

    Also, while there is no age limit on using the system, it is advisable to wait until breasts have finished developing before use. If you are unsure if you should use our systems, contact our team and we can advise you.


    How long should you use your breast enlargement pump?

    Everyone who uses our breast enlargement pumps has a different starting point and a different goal. Depending on how large your breasts are to start with and how large you want them to be, the amount of time you should use our pumps for will differ.

    Swelling usually begins after several sessions, while tissue growth should begin to appear after 4-6 weeks. Most people use our systems for between 6-9 months in order to achieve their breast goals. 

    In terms of how long you should wear our breast enlargement systems for, it is recommended that the system is used every day for between 30 - 60 minutes. However, the use of the system is highly customisable. You can divide the system use into multiple separate sittings, or opt for 1-2 hours in a row per day for quicker results. 

    How long will it take for results to show?

    Due to the way tissue growth works, you should not expect to see enlargement results instantly. That being said, breasts are likely to increase due to the natural swelling that accompanies this procedure. 

    At first, the vacuum effect will cause swelling of the breast tissue. This is nothing to worry about and will likely subside after a few hours. In fact, swelling is natural and indicates the beginning of genuine growth. 

    Over a few weeks of using our breast enlargement pumps, the initial swelling will be replaced by a proper, sustained increase in size. If you are dedicated and pump for half an hour every day for a few months, genuine growth will come — it just takes patience. 

    Are the effects of breast enlargement permanent?

    Many of the users on the Noogleberry Forum have encountered long-lasting enlargement effects even after not pumping for a long time. That being said, achieving permanence takes patience. 

    It is stated that on average it takes 189 cubic centimetres to increase a breast by a cup size. Persistence of use beyond the 4-month mark will see even better results and you shouldn’t expect to see a reduction in effects, especially if you continue to use the breast enlargement pump for 12-18 months (even in a more relaxed manner).

    However, as with any non-surgical treatment, the answer is always ‘it depends.’ The success of the treatment does always come down to the dedication and usage habits of the individual. If you religiously use the breast enlargement pumps for half an hour every day for a year then, yes, there will be excellent results. If, though, you pump a few days a week for a month, you should not expect to see fast or sustained results. 

    You can find out more about the breast-enlarging permanence of our pumps here.

    If you have any more specific questions about our breast enlargement pumps, head over to our FAQ page or the Noogleberry Forum.