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Before and After Progress

Noogleberry Customer Testimonials 

We love hearing from our happy customers! Our breast enlargement systems have been delighting people from all over the world for many years, and we at Noogleberry see no need for expensive and painful breast enlargement surgery when there are natural enlargement products available.

Here's what Jacque had to say about her experience:

“So I started with not exactly filling out a 34B in February 2019 

After about 3 months I went up to a 34C! 

I pretty much stopped noogling at that point. Life got busy with my daughter and I was too embarrassed to come out to my new boyfriend. I did start some BO supplements and also had some great success with it as well! I recently came out to my boyfriend about noogling and started 2 months ago at a 32D. I know the 34C is a comparable size but the cup was way too tight for me and the larger cup was so much better!

Today I’m at a tight 34D! I may even order a 32DD just because I’m curious. 

My goal is a 34E! I feel like I could go larger but at that point I want to keep noogling to keep my size while I lose the 20 extra pounds I gained after

nursing 4 years ago. I swear also the Noogleberry has helped regulate my menstrual cycle which has in turn helped me with my PCOS! 

Well anyway thank you so much for turning me into the Noogleberry!


See Jacque’s results here

Magdalen is one of Noogleberry’s long standing customers, see the lovely testimonial below. 

Hello Everyone!

I started my NBE journey several years ago, beginning with herbs. Taking the herbs disrupted my endocrine system and caused me to gain unwanted weight. I have chronic autoimmune health issues (thyroid, fibromyalgia and lupus) so learned I have to be careful with herbs. I work with herbs to support my body in other ways. During that time I was under a lot of stress, leaving an emotionally abusive marriage. 

I worked with the Noogleberry device off and on for a few years, too. I could never get past the 3 month mark. Even so, I was able to gain half an inch. But would lose it when I quit.

Now, my health is more balanced, I have gained healthy weight (although I would like to tone up) and feel better nourished. So I am beginning my journey again! It has been almost a year since I last used the Noogleberry. 

Reading some of the other members' journeys was very helpful for me. I need some accountability and could use support so have decided to post progress pics and share my story! 

I am 54 years old, started the Noogleberry (again) about 2 weeks ago. In that time, I have used it 5 times. Believe it or not, I already feel more fullness in that short time. But as you can tell, I haven't started a routine yet! My measurements are:

Under: 29"

Across breasts: 36" 


See the results here

A word from Bill on how he found the Noogleberry experience! 

I love breasts. They look good and feel good, so about six months ago I decided to grow some. After some research, I started with breast enhancement pills and creams. To my amazement, my breasts start to bud out and grow. But I also worked hard at it daily with breast heat pads and messaging. 

Encouraged with this development, I got interested in breast pumping. The first set of vacuum locking cups I purchased, soon cracked, broke and came with a poor quality hand pump. But I realized that breast pumping had some potential, and I so enjoyed the wonderful feeling of my breasts swelling under a gentle vacuum. The second pumping system I got was a total disaster. A waste of more money to purchase than the first set. The cups were  connected as a set, and for me with small developing breasts, almost impossible to put on and the pump could not be detached. This is a big disadvantage for me as I enjoy wearing the cups for a couple of hours when I’m up and about. 

I was just about to give up on this notion, and the bad experience of breast pumping when I read an LBGT article about the Noogleberry system. Fortunately I was encouraged by this report and decided to try one more time to invest in a better quality system. When my package arrived and I opened it, I realized that I had finally found a well-designed high quality breast pumping system. I have found their equipment to be of such excellent design and of high quality material it will unquestionably last to obtain my desired goal of having really nice breasts and start wearing a bra. Their system also comes with an excellent user manual and is backed up with a knowledgeable staff to help you get the right size and comfort cups. I have been using the Noogleberry system for two months now with fantastic results. But this has come with a dedicated  effort to pump up every day. Like I still use a pill, cream message, breast warming pad and then pump up for at least an hour two times every day. If you’re looking to grow or enhance your breast size, I suggest you hook-up with Lucy at Noogleberry. 

Thank you for your support and help Lucy. 

Sincerely, Bill from North Carolina,



Read to find out about how our Male customers find our systems:

As an older guy I was diagnosed with gynecomastia Which has caused my breasts to grow somewhat Rather than go thru painful surgery and medications I decided to embrace the thought of having breasts I ordered medium cups from Noogleberry and began to pump them right away I use them twice a day for approximately 25-35 minutes a session and am happy to say I am at a B cup after 4 months I ordered the large cups a couple of weeks ago and am on a quest to attain C Cups by the end of the year I use the bust cream along with fenugreek tablets and am seeing amazing results If your looking to increase your bust size get yourself Noogleberry pumping system you’ll be happy you did



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