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How to improve your confidence in the bedroom

How to improve your confidence in the bedroom

When it comes to being intimate in the bedroom, many people struggle with a number of inhibitions and worries that can make them feel incredibly self aware - and cause a lot stress. Many people are conscious about how their body looks, and so exposing it to someone else for the first time can often be a challenge. With the frequent exposure to over-idealist body images in the media, there is little guessing why so many people struggle with this.

Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to increase your confidence in the bedroom, and it is never too late to take steps to help.

1. Communication

No matter who you are with, communication is incredibly important. If you are worried about things in the bedroom, don't be afraid to voice your concerns. Feel free to tell your partner what you enjoy and ask them what feels good for them. This back and forth will help you both feel more comfortable and help release any pressure.

2. Turn down the lights

If you feel self conscious about your body, try turning the lights down low, especially if you are with someone new. Though hiding your body in the dark is not a long term solution to body confidence, it may give you a setting to feel more comfortable during the early stages of intimacy.

3. Put some music on

Similarly to hitting the gym and using music to get you pumped up and energised, putting on the right music in the bedroom can give you more confidence to relax and have fun. Try something relaxing and sensual or pumping and energetic to really get you in the mood.

4. Lingerie

Trying on some new clothes can really help to make you feel better about your body in the bedroom. With some great options available, simply trying on something new and seeing your partner's reaction can help take off the pressure you feel about your body, and give you a much needed confidence boost.

5. Hit the gym

Getting active can help in the bedroom in a number of ways. Not only will it help your performance and stamina, but it will also improve your body confidence - and leave you feeling happier in yourself.

6. Joke

Don't take it all so seriously. It is all too common to let anticipation of intimacy build up and up until it becomes an issue, but it doesn't have to be this way. Don't be afraid to joke with your partner. Not only can it help lighten the mood, but it can also help to make the whole experience more intimate.

7. Cut out anyone who makes you feel self conscious

If you have someone in your life who criticises what you wear or your body, then they are simply not worth your time. Though it can be hard to look past the comments made by such small minded, malicious people, remember that everyone has issues with their body and that if someone doesn't appreciate yours, they don't deserve to be with you.

8. Be in the moment

Though easier said than done, instead of worrying about how you look and how you are performing in the bedroom, be present in the moment and focus on it. Letting your inhibitions go and just enjoying yourself can really help you beat confidence issues, and help you have a much more memorable experience.

9. Know your insecurities and address them

Weight, breast size, penis size, height, smell, clothes… the list of concerns that people have about themselves go on and on. The real secret to being confident is not necessarily having the best clothes or being your dream weight, it is in being happy with what you have.

The issues we have about ourselves will always be there in some form or another, but having the confidence and taking action to get happy about your body can be an enlightening experience. Whether it is buying new clothes, talking to someone about your body issues or trying out penis or breast pumps to increase your body confidence, making a change can be a truly life changing experience.

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