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The Noogleberry Forum Cheatsheet


Here at Noogleberry, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the best support possible, from our excellent customer service to our forum. The Noogleberry forum offers customers a unique form of support within the Noogleberry community that is available for all customers. Its aim is to provide all our users with the opportunity to discuss their experiences and offer tips to each other, all within a supportive and understanding environment.

We understand that Breast and Penis enhancement can be difficult to discuss with your friends and family. Our forum provides a judgement free zone where users can talk with like-minded individuals about their successes and development while using Noogleberry products. Our forum also includes a before and after gallery so you can see for yourself just how successful our products are.

However, while using the Forum, there are several abbreviations that you may see being used. This can, at times, make it difficult for new users who have just joined the forum to completely understand the conversation in a thread. That’s why we’ve put together this cheat sheet full of forum abbreviations and terms to help new users looking to make use of the forum.

Abbreviations and Frequently Used Terms

NB: This refers to Noogleberry, this is the name of the website and the brand of the products we offer.

ED: This stands for Erectile Dysfunction, the inability to gain an erection that is firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse.

PCOS: This refers to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which is a series of symptoms that occur due to elevated levels of the androgen hormone ( a male hormone) in females.

Noogler: This means someone who uses Noogleberry products such as Breast/Penis enhancement products or someone who uses the Noogleberry forum.

Noogling: This is a term that means the act of using Noogleberry products like Breast/Penis pumps. (Note: it is mostly used in reference to Breast Enhancement products but can be used for Penis Enhancement products.)

NBE: This stands for the term Noogleberry Breast Enhancement, often in reference to the Breast Enhancement products that we offer.

Contoured Cups: This refers to the fitting of the cups required for Breast Enhancement Pumps. Contoured cups means that the fitting of these cups are curved and fit better around the breasts, making them ideal for those who are starting off with smaller cup sizes.

Here at Noogleberry, we offer a range of health products for both men and women. From Breast Enhancement pumps to Penis Enhancement pumps, we’re to help. Want to learn more about our products? Contact us today or alternatively, you can have a look at the Noogleberry Forum to find out more about our products from our existing customers!
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