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Safety Notice

Please refer to our safety notice

The Noogleberry Airlock is sold with or without tubing attached.  It can be used with both silicone tubing, which allows the pump to be disconnected without a loss of vacuum.  Airlocks act as a connector between two lengths of tubing.  A return valve allows air to pass in both directions while the airlock is connected but once the quick release button is pressed, the tubing is separated but the valve closes and prevents air from escaping until the airlock is reconnected. 

Using the airlocks mean that your breast or penis pump can be less cumbersome.  Simply pump until you feel the desired amount of pressure and then disconnect the pump using the clamp or airlock.  Now you can put on your clothes and easily do household chores while wearing the Noogleberry device and you can even wear it overnight while sleeping. Reconnecting the airlock, will cause the vacuum to be lost and you can then remove the cups or cylinder.