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Breast Enlargement Cups


Safety Notice

Please refer to our safety notice

We offer a great selection of high quality breast cups made from clear polycarbonate plastic and these are available in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra extra large.  The tapered nozzles fit most tubing types and the rims are rounded and smooth for improved comfort and fit.  These breast cups are designed for use with our breast enlargement systems and are a natural way to increase your breast size

Why not add

Soft Cup Rings: Noogleberry soft cup rings are made from high quality medical grade foam and are used optionally with the breast cups to improve the comfort and fit of the breast cups.

We also have our Silicone Cup rings, these fit our Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large cups.

The Airlock kit : offers a way of quickly releasing the hand pump from the vacuum cylinder whilst still maintaining the vacuum and pressure. The kit consists of a high quality in-line connector which has a built in non-return valve. This means that air will flow in both directions until the quick release button is pressed. Then, air is prevented from leaving the cylinder until the airlock is reconnected. The connector takes literally seconds to release. There is a length of tubing attached to both ends of the connector as shown in the picture. This will make it easier to move around whilst using the system

Nipple Covers: Our Nipple Covers, stick over the nipple to help to prevent the nipple swelling and enlarging whilst using our breast systems.

 Size Guide

 Size Chest Size Cup Size
Extra Small 26-28 AA
Small 26-30 AA-A
Medium 30-34 A-C
Large 34-36 A-C
Extra Large 36-40 B-D
Extra Extra Large 38 + D +