Nipple Enlargement System


How the system works:
The tubing is connected to the nipple cup and then the cup is placed over the nipple. The hand pump is pressed gently several times and a vacuum is formed causing the nipple to enlarge, firm up and fill into the cup. The whole process takes seconds!
The cups can be left in place for as long as comfortable usually 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to simply lay down on your bed during the whole process and you can do other things whilst the system is working!
This system works well to correct inverted nipples

The system consists of:• A very durable, hard plastic pump.
• A special 'Y-connector with soft silicone tubing, which connects the pump to the nipple cups.   The tubing is high-quality, anti-kink.
• Two high quality plastic nipple cups. Choose from:
  Small - 17mm diameter and 44mm deep
  Medium - 29mm internal diameter and 60mm deep
  Large - 36mm internal diameter and 71mm deep
• A discrete carry case.
• Instructions.