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Noogleberry Lip Enhancer

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Safety Notice

Please refer to our safety notice

The lip pump works by creating a vacuum in order to draw fluid into the lips from the tissues surrounding the lips and mouth area. When the lips are holding this additional fluid they will naturally appear fuller and the improvement in the appearance of the lips can be considerable. However, at the beginning the tissue in your lips is not accustomed to holding the additional fluid, so it is therefore necessary to gradually build up the tissue in the lips by using the pump gently and sparingly, especially in the critical first few days.

Use caution in the beginning so you are not bruising your mouth and lips. This can occur if you are overzealous with the device.

For smooth operation of the lip pump, we recommend that you lubricate the inside of the tube connected to the mouthpiece. Just pull the device apart and apply a small amount of Vaseline up inside the tube connected to the mouthpiece. Reassemble then pump the device a few times to create a smooth easy pull