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Why Buy From Noogleberry? With free UK delivery, and a company managed by experienced, caring people, choose Noogleberry for natural breast and penis enlargement systems.
Why Buy From Noogleberry? With free UK delivery, and a company managed by experienced, caring people, choose Noogleberry for natural breast and penis enlargement systems.

Average penis length around the world

Average penis length around the world

Have you ever wondered what the average size penis actually is, and if there is difference in sizes depending on what country you are from? Well, with our genetics across the world varying, and each one of us looking different, a man’s penis size can, and does, vary dependant upon their genetic heritage.

Research produced last year shows that men from western Africa, or those that have West African genetics, have the largest penis’ in the world - typically ranging from 16.1cm to 17.9cm when erect.

Australia, Mexico, Scandinavia, Italy and other African regions, such as South Africa, have the second largest penis’ in the world when erect, ranging from 14.7cm to 16.1cm. Most of Europe, including the UK, as well as Peru, Chile and America have average sized penis’ ranging from 12.9cm to 14.7cm when erect.

The countries with the smallest penis’ include India, Asia, Brazil, and Bolivia, with their penis sizes ranging from 9.3 cm to 12.9 cm when erect.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed the average penis size across the world when flaccid is 9.1cms, while research completed the same year by King’s College London on 15,521 men found that the average erect size is 13.1cm.

So what does this research mean for you?

Although this research may not directly mean anything to you, it can help provide realisation what you may class as small is in actual fact either average, or larger than you had thought. It is important to remember that this research only indicates the “average” size, and not “actual” size. Plus, some studies allow men to self-measure their penises, which can lead to differentiation in results.

It’s interesting to see throughout the world exactly what the different penis sizes are across different races. It’s scientific information that could potentially play a huge part when trying to understand genetics amongst different cultures within the human race. Why is it that African males have the largest penises? Why are those in India, Asia, Brazil, and Bolivia found to be likely to have smaller penis? Can this correlate to any other medical facts or health issues? Is there a particular reason as to why this is the case? These are all questions that further research into this topic could help to determine.

At Noogleberry we understand that this subject is extremely personal, and that it can cause a man to have anxiety over the size of his penis; which can in turn have a detrimental effect on his sex life. Thoughts such as not being man enough, unable to ‘do the job properly’ and “am I satisfying my partner?” are often commonly associated with feeling that your genitalia is not big enough - and is experienced by men all over the world.

If you find you are worrying about the size of your penis then we’ve put together some blogs to help. Find out more about the psychology behind penis size anxiety, alongside 5 reasons men are insecure about their penis and tips on how to boost your body confidence.

We also have a range of penis pumps available, which offer a non-surgical way to help potentially improve the size of your penis if it is affecting your happiness. For more information on the items we have available, take a look at our Men’s Health Products.

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