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Testimonial of Noogleberry Products by Japanese Plastic Surgeon

Below are comments from the doctor-in-charge (Dr. Toshihiko Satake, Plastic Surgery Department, Yokohama City University Medical Center) and his team, as well as the doctors and nurses at Ko Clinic (Dr. Seiko Ko, Director), summarized by the Japan representative of Noogleberry who cater to the delivery and aftercare services.

1. How Noogleberry Breast Enlargement System is used in Japan.

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement System (“NB”) has been identified by a plastic surgeon who has been deploying the BRAVA system as a part of his treatment program in an effective rehabilitation and reconstruction of patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery. Because of termination of Brava’s business, the doctor has been seeking for an alternative device to enable continuation of the treatment program that has begun showing positive results. The device is used particularly to prepare the graft bed for subsequent treatment aimed at reconstructing the breast with as good cosmetic complexion as possible. In contrast to the original objective of NB as a breast enlargement system other than for medical scenario, the roles of NB in Japan are primarily confined to the usage as an integral part of the overall breast reconstruction program administered under the direction of the doctors in charge, with a proven track record of the efficacy of “pumping”, not in the treatment itself, but in the preparation of a biological recovery of the treated section by helping the development of tissues and improving the blood flow and ultimately, in allowing subsequent treatments such as, fat grafting, to yield successful results.

2. Practical advantages of NB

Through the 13 months of clinical cases where NB was given the roles as described above, we are happy to report clear advantages observed by the doctors as well as the patients while experiencing successful results of the treatment formula thus far. Among others, they are:

1) Ease of use

2) Effective in preparing the graft bed for breast reconstruction

3) Smooth transition of size increase is possible by a simple replacement of the cup and soft ring at relatively low cost

4) Hygienic since the cups and rings are easily washable

5) Drastic reduction of skin problems compared to other similar products

6) User-friendly price in terms of cost performance

7) Reliability due to good aftercare services

8) Proven track records in “beautiful breast reconstruction”

9) Steady endorsement of treatment methodology by the doctor’s team, providing comfort to the patients

10) Growing word-of-mouth dissemination of NB brand among the medical piers as well as the patients

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